Кричалки болельщиков пользователя daniel_arsenalfan

Общее колличество кричалок болельщиков Arsenal от daniel_arsenalfan - 180

17411 Scousers Sung to Liverpool & Everton
17417 Ooh Ah Ray Parlour Romford's Pele
17431 He's Only A Poor Little Scouser! Same old scousers.
17449 We've Got That Double Feeling When we're heading for a new double
17744 Down With The Tottenham I feel sorry for you
17864 George Armstrong On The Wing! Over 600 Arsenalgames, past away in 2001... Legend!
17884 70'000 Muppets! At Old Trafford
18193 We Love You Freddie (Ljungberg) Freddie legend
18214 Phillipe Senderos A Swiss in the ring
18328 Will You Ever Win The League? Tottenham?
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18348 You Know We'd Win If We Had To! You know it!
18626 F*ck Off Mourinho Never forget.
18648 Who Put The Ball In Tottenham's Net? Another one for the scum
18671 We'll Race You Back To London To the cockney-mancs
18694 Can We Play You Every Week? Sang when beating a team easily
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