Кричалки болельщиков пользователя daniel_arsenalfan

Общее колличество кричалок болельщиков Arsenal от daniel_arsenalfan - 180

17346 Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner Classic one
17370 We Hate Nottingham Forest We hate 'em all!
17388 You'll Never Play For England! You're not good, man...
17734 We'll Win Coz We're Arsenal We're Arsenal, we'll win
17759 Stick The Blue Flag Up Your Arse To the rent-boys at Chelski
17857 We Only Win One-Nil Just 1-0? Wow!
17875 We're In Europe! You're not.
18178 Oh Ashley Cole The Truth
18202 You're Not Champions Anymore! We f*cked you up!
18222 You're The Spurs Of Merseyside! Not even best in town
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18244 Greatest Man At Highbury - Kolo Toure Not sung that much anymore, but...
18363 We'll Sing Your Songs For You! If you can't sing them on your own.
18385 Ooh Ah Ray Parlour Romford's Pele
18635 Arsene Wenger's Having A Party! Funny chant for Le Boss
18656 Robbie Savage Is A W*nker And he truly is.
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