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Total 180 Arsenal football chants submitted by daniel_arsenalfan

18462 I'd Rather Have A Willie Gallas aka Willy, Cashley aka Cunt
18499 Sh*t Maradona! Sung to Darren Bent last season.
18508 Do You Come From Manchester? Or just from London? (To ManU.)
18657 10 Men! When we're 1 down, but still winning!
18665 There's Only One Dennis Bergkamp! DB10 Legend
18723 We Had Joy, We Had Fun We had Tottenham on the run.
18729 It's Like A Morgue In Here! Unbelievable quiet.
18876 Ever Seen Chelsea Play Like This? Have you? Also sung to the England national team
18894 We're Not Homophobic For Cashley
18954 Pride Of London A classic we used to chant against Spurs, and all of 'em in town.
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18961 What A Waste Of Money! To Chelsea, Spurs etc. when they spend way to much on sh*t players.
19118 We'll Race You Back To London To the cockney-mancs
19126 Can We Play You Every Week? Sang when beating a team easily
19173 One Team Called Arsenal! Forget the other ones.
19178 You're Not Fit To Wipe My ... Love this one! To Spurs etc.
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