Кричалки болельщиков пользователя daniel_arsenalfan

Общее колличество кричалок болельщиков Arsenal от daniel_arsenalfan - 163

20321 You're Gonna Win F*ck All! Win? Haha!
20453 Jump Up For The Arsenal I'll do anything for you!
20666 Oh Rocky Rocky My favourite chant. David Rocastle.
20674 You're Scum And You Know You Are! You're scum!
20683 We're On The March With Arsene's Army Classic FA Cup-chant
20699 The Tottenham Came In One By One They all got done.
20871 Billy Gallas He's Our Mate! The great captain!
20882 Sacked In The Morning To every stinking manager
20891 2-0 And You F*cked It Up! You f*cked it up again!
20988 Chim Chimney To West Ham, also perfect for Villa, Burnley etc.
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21108 2-0 In The San Siro! AC Milan this time!
21139 You Need More Foreigners You really do!
21170 Born Is The King Of Highbury Charlie George, the King
21180 You're Not Very Good You're sh*it!
21321 That's Why You're Going Down Can't wait to meet Spurs...
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