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Общее колличество кричалок болельщиков Arsenal от daniel_arsenalfan - 163

20249 Sh*t Maradona! Sung to Darren Bent last season.
20256 Do You Come From Manchester? Or just from London? (To ManU.)
20388 Tottenham Watching Eastenders Champions League? You sure?
20459 We Had Joy, We Had Fun We had Tottenham on the run.
20467 It's Like A Morgue In Here! Unbelievable quiet.
20585 Ferguson Are You Listening We'll be back!
20594 Running Round Chelsea You'll never reach the Arsenal.
20605 Oh Aaron Ramsey Rambo
20663 Pride Of London A classic we used to chant against Spurs, and all of 'em in town.
20671 What A Waste Of Money! To Chelsea, Spurs etc. when they spend way to much on sh*t players.
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20805 One Tony Adams! Mr. Arsenal, Legend
20866 One Team Called Arsenal! Forget the other ones.
20873 You're Not Fit To Wipe My ... Love this one! To Spurs etc.
20883 Gerrard's Baby Is Adebayors! Gerrards baby's not his!
21004 We've Only Got 10 Men! When we're 1 down, but still winning!
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