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Общее колличество кричалок болельщиков Arsenal от daniel_arsenalfan - 163

20755 You're Not Going Home (Scousers) Coz the scousers have no home.
20894 Titus Bramble Bramble + Sheryl... Poor old Cashley
20967 Scousers Sung to Liverpool & Everton
20976 He's Only A Poor Little Scouser! Same old scousers.
20986 We've Got That Double Feeling When we're heading for a new double
21005 It's A Circus At The Lane! And so extremely true!
21108 Tottenham On Channel 5 Channel 5 on Thursdays, UEFA Cup...
21117 Jingle Bells Christmas chant
21136 Steve Bould! For Bouldy, legend
21171 George Armstrong On The Wing! Over 600 Arsenalgames, past away in 2001... Legend!
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21182 70'000 Muppets! At Old Trafford
21201 You're Not Fit To Referee! To the ref.
21326 Down With The Tottenham I feel sorry for you
21382 Will You Ever Win The League? Tottenham?
21393 You Know We'd Win If We Had To! You know it!
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