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1557 Song For Our Stanno Exeter City striker, Adam Stansfield, known to fans as ‘Stanno’, died in August 2010 after a short battle with bowel cancer. Sung for over 2 minutes - tremendous support. Список воспроизведения
2166 Nah Ne-Nah Nah, City To The Tune Of Hey Jude Список воспроизведения
3277 We're Exeter City, We're Taking The ... Sang away at Sheffield Wednesday Список воспроизведения
3357 We'll Score Again Cos I know we'll score again, some sunny day Список воспроизведения
3464 We Hate Argyle, We Are The Argyle Haters Scum scum! Список воспроизведения
4465 Argyle Are You Listening Avin a go at argyle!
4487 When The Reds (Slow) Being sung in the big bank, much more now! Starts off slow then gets faster. Список воспроизведения
4750 Fight, Fight Wherever You May Be we are the boys from the West Country Список воспроизведения
4832 (Sheffield Wednesday) They're Better Than You Sang to Shef Utd fans
4861 Who Are Ya! Version from Sheffield Utd! Список воспроизведения
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4920 Build A Bonfire! AVIN A GO AT THE SCUM! to the tune of Oh my darling Clementine
5388 1-0 To The Exeter 1-0 up Список воспроизведения
5554 When I Was Just A Little Boy... We Hate Argyle! When I was just a little boy... we hate argyle!
5915 Torquay - I Want To Go Home Terrible place, take me home please Список воспроизведения
6071 We Hate Plymouth Argyle We Hate Plymouth Argyle
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