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'avin a go футбольные кричалки Exeter

The Greeks smash more than plates

2824 The Boys from the West Country we are the boys from the West Country Плейлист
4398 We All P in a Green and White Pot Another anti Argyle chant from Exeter City Плейлист
4468 Tracksuits from Matalan Sang away, usually to Pikies!
4736 Argyle Are You Listening Avin a go at argyle!
4802 Flags Up! If you hate Argyle, flags up!
5023 We Hate Argyle, We Are the Argyle Haters Scum scum! Плейлист
5333 We're Exeter City, We're Taking the ... Sang away at Sheffield Wednesday Плейлист
5363 Does Your Sister Share Your Bed Sing to Argyle and Torquay
5728 Stand Up If You Hate Argyle Stand up if you hate Plymouth Argyle Плейлист
5933 When I Was Just a Little Boy... We Hate Argyle! When I was just a little boy... we hate argyle!
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6500 We Hate Plymouth Argyle We Hate Plymouth Argyle
6644 Can You Hear the Pop End Sing The Big Bank makes the pop end look s*ite
6741 We'll Meet Again Sang To Team Who Are Going Down (Aka. Plymouth) Bye Bye Plymouth! Плейлист
6876 Buckle Whats the Score? Sung when we beat Torquay 4-3 and 4-1.
6950 Build a Bonfire! AVIN A GO AT THE SCUM! to the tune of Oh my darling Clementine
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