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Funny футбольные кричалки Hull City

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

1525 This Is the Best Trip Sang at most away games Плейлист
2738 Are You Grimsby in Disguise Sung when we are playing a team that ain't too great, or wears Black and White Stripes - Newcastle in the cup:) Плейлист
7489 Don't Sell McShane Mcshane's last year on a contract and we told Steve Bruce what to do Плейлист
16375 Let's Pretend We've Scored a Goal Go along with lot's of jumping around and such
16663 Get Your T*** Out Sang to an attractive woman with big 'Knockers'
16830 Ray Parlour Oohhh Sang to Ray Parlour whilsthe played for Hull but trained with Arsenal :S
17047 Two Deanos Deans Windass & Marney
17521 Back to Your S*** Hole Sang to most teams but mostly from London.
17954 That Boy Geovani From when he scored the equalizer at Arsenal
18183 Disco Dancing Mendy sang to bernard mendy
  Premier League Betting
18774 Oh Ian Ashbee I'd let him sh*g me wife, really I would
19024 I Can See My House from Here Sang in ST James Park in the FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
19606 Hey Theo To the tune of Hey Baby DJ whoever?? it for Theo Whitmore a Jamacian who played for Hull City
20054 Sacked in the Morning Adopted by City in the 2007/8 season, when defeat at the KC seemed to preceed every other manager picking up their P45
21186 6-5 We'Re Gunna Win 6-5 Sang against Wigan when we was losing 5-0
  Premier League Betting

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