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Funny футбольные кричалки Aston Villa

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

605 My Garden Shed Funny fanchant refering to the home teams ground size. Плейлист
713 Let's All Have A Disco Fun times on the terraces Плейлист
7282 Got Hit By A Bus Crude chant from Everton away 08/09 season
8857 Oh When The Villa, Go Lap-Dancing A response to John Carew's antics before the Ajax game.
9741 Shoes Off, If You Love Villa Sang in the Holte and at away games from time to time
11030 Barry Bannan - Da Da Da Da emenim da da da eminem, stolen from that theme tune
11145 John Carew, Carew After being caught visiting a gentlemen's club
12177 The Elephant Man Sung to Lescott in the 08/09 season
13636 One Scott Carson Sung after his blunder allowed Villa to score the winner against the Baggies
13962 Villa's Number 9 My Villa version of Liverpool's Torres chant
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14078 Oh St.Andrews...... Sh*t holes!!
14235 We Want Our Rodney Back Sung to Peter Crouch when Liverpool played us
14284 I S*agged Your Missus 5 Times Sung to a Liverpool fan at Anfield who was the only one trying to generate an atmosphere
16493 The Hulk About John Carew (nicknamed the hulk) ...
17845 Chelsea fans this was sung to the manu fans at old trafford by aston villa fans (FA cup)
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