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Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

1183 John Arne Riise Great goal, goal of the season maybe. Список воспроизведения
1848 Oh David Luiz David Luiz Список воспроизведения
1914 I Wanna Be A Chelsea Ranger Often sung in the SoBar. Far from a family song. Список воспроизведения
3489 The Y Word Well that solves everything... Список воспроизведения
13491 Blame It On Riise To annoy the scousers
14526 Is That All She Get's At Home Sung by the Chelsea fans to a male streaker at the 2003 away FA Cup tie V Shrewsbury.
14645 Benches Come on subs
15217 Delia Smith Sung to Norwich Fans 04/05 season
15782 You Stole My Holiday Sung to West Ham when XL went bust
16116 You Are A Scouser Having a pop at the scouse.
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16463 One Dead Granny Steven Ireland Had She's dead, no wait, she's not, is she? To the tune of Ten Green Bottles Sitting on the wall
16485 Feed The Scousers Funny as f**k
16530 Let's All Have A Disco D-I-S-C-O
16738 Fat Paris Hilton (For Voronin from Liverpool) True, true.
17091 You're Shish Chelsea Fans to the Turks (Galatasary Fans) at Stamford Bridge
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