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'avin a go футбольные кричалки Exeter

The Greeks smash more than plates

4295 This County Is Ours F*ck off to Cornwall Плейлист
5280 You're Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In To Argyle.. Your gonna get your fu**ing head kicked in Плейлист
5378 One Team In Devon ECFC.. One team in devon! Плейлист
6558 Useless Aimed at crappy players Плейлист
6626 Fight, Fight Wherever You May Be we are the boys from the West Country Плейлист
8052 We Hate Argyle, We Are The Argyle Haters Scum scum! Плейлист
8869 Scum, Scum, Scum Your scum! Плейлист
10104 1-0 We Beat The Scum 1-0 We Beat the scum 1-0 (Ed: Not the best recording, sorry) Плейлист
11681 Build A Bonfire! AVIN A GO AT THE SCUM! to the tune of Oh my darling Clementine
11906 Let Him Die Sung when a player of the opposing team goes down injured.
  Premier League Betting
12128 Stewards! Sang to stewards!
12164 Ricey Is A W*nker Sung at Rice when he moved to Torquay.
12465 We All P In A Green And White Pot Another anti Argyle chant from Exeter City Плейлист
12481 Who The Hell Are You Huh? Плейлист
13057 Buckle Whats The Score? Sung when we beat Torquay 4-3 and 4-1.
  Premier League Betting

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