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'avin a go футбольные кричалки Huddersfield Town

A true and proper fan's team- £1 donations back in 1919 meant we didn't have to merge with Leeds. Boom.

3810 One Nil To The Referee Simple and effective tune to try and influence the ref. Плейлист
4346 We All Hate Leeds Scum Every last one of us, hates every last one of them. Плейлист
5911 Time To Go See you later. Плейлист
6224 Hate Leeds United? Hands together everyone. Плейлист
7124 Sit Down And Read A Book Sung at various grounds including Scunthorpe. Always winds 'em up. Плейлист
7316 You're Not Famous Anymore Again one for Leeds. Плейлист
8187 One Peter Ridsdale Ex Leeds Chairman who took em down, bless him. Плейлист
9268 Hate Billy Bremner Put yer hands together. Плейлист
14090 I'm A... I'm a b*stard
14096 Your Ground's Too Big For You Sung away at leeds
  Premier League Betting
14097 Ya Mums Ya Dad Bradford scum
14800 S*it Ground No Fans Rubbish ground with no-one in it
14841 Town Full Of Taxis Gets the Bradford Fans Angry haha

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