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'avin a go футбольные кричалки Sheffield Wednesday

The Owls singing it sweet.

2170 At The Lane Where's yer famous BBC? Плейлист
2717 We All Hate Leeds Scum A popular one this, unlike Leeds United. Плейлист
4415 Useless Brilliant and to the point. Плейлист
4921 You're Not Singing Anymore We've shut em up. Плейлист
4979 Worst Support We've Ever Seen We seen some bad stuff too. Плейлист
5686 Town Full Of Scrubbers Slappers... Плейлист
6460 Lookin At Leeds A fun one to sing about Leeds. Плейлист
6647 Your Ground's Too Big For You Classic p*ss take. Плейлист
7341 Who The Hell Are You? Who are you? Плейлист
8724 Who Are Ya? Eh? Плейлист
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9032 Sit Down Shut Up Behave yourselves Плейлист
10592 S*it! Nuff said Плейлист
11711 Dirty Red And White Them on t'other side of the city... Плейлист
11781 He Looks Like An Egg Another for the Leeds manager... Плейлист
11797 Humpty Dumpty Brian McDermott to No Limit Плейлист
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