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The Owls singing it sweet.

1699 You're Not Singing Anymore We've shut em up. Список воспроизведения
2392 Sit Down Shut Up Behave yourselves Список воспроизведения
3572 He's Only A Poor Little Cockney Poor thing
3874 Wings Of A Falcon Sung to the idiots.
5945 S*it! Nuff said Список воспроизведения
6191 Useless Brilliant and to the point. Список воспроизведения
6434 W*nker Sung to Neil Warnock (aka Colin W*nker) obviously
6556 Dirty Red And White Them on t'other side of the city... Список воспроизведения
6624 We All Hate Leeds Scum A popular one this, unlike Leeds United. Список воспроизведения
7654 He Fell Off The Wall Another for the Leeds manager... Список воспроизведения
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8522 We Are Wednesday... Says it all really
8856 You've Been Singing That All Day Sung to one hit wonders who come to Sheffield.
9674 In The Liverpool Slums Peasants
10234 Shove Your Ferries For those at Dull
11196 Town Full Of Scrubbers Slappers... Список воспроизведения
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