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Leeds United Лучшие заряды(Страница 11) Футбольные кричалки

Marching On Together! Here are the best fanchants from the Mighty Whites.

8479 Brian Deane Never forgotton, top brick s*ithouse. F*ck Cantona; well said Плейлист
8481 Jermaine Beckford Scored A Great Goal Wohoo Man U 0 Leeds 1 Плейлист
8486 You Mean Nothing To Millwall and a few others Плейлист
8553 Michael Brown, My Lord Woooah Lord for our midfielder Плейлист
8616 Six, Five, We're Going to Win 5-2 down, need we be reminded, oh dear Плейлист
8624 Alan Smith Sung when we played Newcastle pre season. Kiss the badge, kiss my a*se Плейлист
8650 Empty Seats Sung when Leeds play away Плейлист
8713 Small Town In Arsenal Sung to Spurs to wind em up Плейлист
8772 It's Nice To Know You're Here Tara Плейлист
8778 Der Der Der Ross McCormack For the little man up front Плейлист
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8782 One Don Revie The man, the legend, one Don Revie Плейлист
8816 Are You Watching Manchester Sang at Spurs after we knocked em out of the FA Cup Плейлист
8818 Small Town In Nottingham One to send to any Derby fans you know Плейлист
8831 Can You Hear Burnley Sing Quiet in Lancashire Плейлист
8834 Bradley Johnson Our best midfielder, if not player Плейлист
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