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Leeds United Лучшие заряды(Страница 16) Футбольные кричалки

Marching On Together! Here are the best fanchants from the Mighty Whites.

13673 Two Nil And It's Yer Keepers Fault And he's done it again, lovely job Плейлист
13853 Harry's Going Down Well he (Harry Redknapp) didn't, but no harm in a prediction Плейлист
13866 Get Out Of Our Club A chant about our owner who we generally don't like Плейлист
13870 Sit Down/Stand Up If Hate Man U Either or Плейлист
13872 You're Worse Than Blackburn Rovers Sang to Burnley, winds em up Плейлист
13983 Hey Scum Good times!
14018 FA Cup Sung last 10-11 season after exit from memorable FA Cup run Плейлист
14068 Hello, Hello we are the Gelderd boys
14086 We Had Joy We Had Fun scum
14088 Build A Bonfire No need 2 wait til November
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14290 We Glow In The Dark LUFC's fans take on the new black with hi viz green flashes away kit
14307 Blackburn Give Us A Song All gone quiet over there, tossers Плейлист
14341 You'll Never Beat Kisnorbo LUFC song for top Aussie stopper Плейлист
14493 Rob Hulse Is A Leeds Fan Sung when he came up against us at Derby Плейлист
14566 We Beat The Scum 1-0 Sung To Man U after Leeds beat Man U 1-0! Плейлист
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