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Marching On Together! Definitely in the top tier of support in Europe. Always amazing away from home. If you're a neutral or foreigner wanting to watch an English game, then get a ticket for a Leeds away game, they turn up in big numbers and create a massive support. "We All Hate Leeds Scum" is our most popular song, sung by nearly every team on the UK site; be proud of that Leeds fans :)

13413 We All Love Leeds (Extended version) Truly an anthem now. (Ed: Extended version so excuse if takes a while to come through. Well worth the wait :)). Плейлист
13483 El Hadji Diouf Spit Nice and classy! Плейлист
13552 Your Army... Sung to Partizan Belgrade during Balkans crisis (To tune of We Are Leeds)
13620 Elland Road Baht'at Only chorus but a cracker we should sing more ofton Плейлист
13650 One Mike Ashley Dragging the barcodes down Плейлист
13695 Who Needs Cesc Fabregas Snoddy (Ed: An oldie just sent in, from game v Arsenal last year) Плейлист
13816 We Are Going Up Gotta love singing this one Плейлист
13865 Boo! Good for profiling yer ex, or other person you don't like, on your mobile. Плейлист
13921 We're Leeds and We're Proud of It Still true no matter how sh*te we are Плейлист
13993 Blood on Yer Boots Who says it's not a matter of life and death, classic passion on the terraces Плейлист
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13995 Oh Brian McDermott One for our new manager... Плейлист
14052 He Saves to the Left An old one for our old keeper Kasper Schmeichel Плейлист
14163 Come on Billy Er, yeah come on Billy for God's sake Плейлист
14195 We're Not Famous Anymore - Walsall Always wondered what we sounded like. Classic to Walsall's taunt - they clap! Плейлист
14516 Shearer Took You Down Sang to Newcastle by Leeds fans, pre season Плейлист
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