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Leeds United Лучшие заряды(Страница 16) Футбольные кричалки

Marching On Together! Here are the best fanchants from the Mighty Whites.

11031 Scummer Sang to Alan Smith Плейлист
11036 Stephen/Neil Warnock No relation like Плейлист
11142 Warnock Time To Go And we don't mean home... Плейлист
11240 USA, USA For Eddie Lewis and now Mike Grella (for a bit any road) Плейлист
11282 Peter Ridsdale Not keen on the preston chairman Плейлист
12488 Setanta Sports? Taking piss out of a sh*tty channel
12659 Bounce, Bounce This joint is jumpin' Плейлист
12670 Going Down Always good to rub it in Плейлист
12739 Yorkshire Rose/ Battle Hymn (Chant) Tune of the green beret!!!
12742 Scum Jungle Book Remix For our Manc friends
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12764 One Greedy Guess who, Chelsea scum Плейлист
12776 You've Never Won Sung at Middlesbrough and others Плейлист
12807 We Hate Nottingham Forest Not exclusively though!
12851 Who The Hell Are You Sung to unknown team who we have never heard of Плейлист
12863 Your Ground's Too Small For Us Most grounds Плейлист
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