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West Ham Топ песнопений (Page 4) Football Chants

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6111 Your Suit's from Mothercare Sang to Sammy Lee
6263 Sing When We Tell Ya Not a peep otherwise Список воспроизведения
6288 Let Him Die Just leave him, not worth the effort Список воспроизведения
6319 John Terry Your Mums A Thief! Sung to a thiefs son (Ed: These are obviously not the views of FC Towers)
6503 We're S**t And We're Beating You Sang it against Man U and Spurs
6644 1-0 And You Still Look S**t Havin' a dig at the other team
6811 3-2 And You Still Don't Sing Rubbish supporters Список воспроизведения
6870 You Don't Love Your Wife Sung to Ashley Cole because he cheated on his wife (Ed: Again not the views of FC Towers)
6930 Etherington,Ton,Ton A chant that should be song about our start player.
6950 What Was That Sung when something goes wrong for the opposition Список воспроизведения
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7161 Sit Down Shut Up Avin a go when the other team think they are all that... Список воспроизведения
7387 Who Put The Ball In The Arsenal Net? Just reminding Arsenal about there defence.
7427 He Comes From Italy Sung to the legend
7601 Mourinho Getting Sacked? Bye Bye Mourinho
7620 Does Your Butler Know You're Here? winding up our near-silent Fulham counterparts.
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