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West Ham Лучшие заряды(Страница 4) Футбольные кричалки

Blowing bubbles and plenty more besides!

4435 Super Scott One of our favourite ex-players Плейлист
4619 3-2 And You Still Don't Sing Rubbish supporters Плейлист
5189 3-1 And You Still Don't Sing What does it take? Плейлист
6574 We Hate Blackburn Rovers we hate blackburn rovers
6683 W*nky W*nky Wanderers Having a go at Bolton yesterday
6922 We Love You Dailly What do you think of our curly haired Scotsman.
7004 R.O.B E.R.T Robert Green
7171 Who Needs Craig Bellamy? We've got Carlton
7292 John Pantsil Semi-ironic chant for our former energy-filled cult hero.
7379 We Want 6 Minimum..... Плейлист
  Premier League Betting
7627 When I Was Just A Little Boy We hate Tottenham
7628 Going Down See ya! Плейлист
7921 What Was That Sung when something goes wrong for the opposition Плейлист
8176 Mark Noble Star midfielder
8212 Scott Parker Best midfielder in Europe
  Premier League Betting

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