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Aston Villa Лучшие заряды(Страница 10) Футбольные Заряды

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

19093 We Are the Famous, the Famous Holte End Credits us to being one of the oldest and most historical clubs in the game
19123 Forever and Ever Forever and ever
19174 A Terrible Place the original st. andrews chant
19301 We Love to Sing, We Love to Fight..... A little classic I have heard going recently in the pub
19353 Steve Bruce Has Got a Big Fat Head Song 2 Steve Bruce
19368 F*cked up Blues Fast as ferk frontman
19395 Richard Dunne For Richard Dunne, sing it in North Lower
19398 Gavin McCann Midfield general.
19405 Holte End Aggro Version of an old famous one.
19452 When I Was Young, I Had a Dream Started by someone at Bolton away...and carried on for the away games against Fulham and 'boro. (Ed: Just found, know it's old but it's a good un)
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19587 Empty Seats Takin the p*ss out of the noses empty stadium
19607 Sign On Taking the mick out of Liverpool
19610 Sit Down Mr Potato Head Sang to tatters head Bruce
19673 Agbonlahor Just a song for are speed machine
19739 Who Needs Rooney When We've Got Carew For the legend that is Carew
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