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Aston Villa Лучшие заряды(Страница 10) Футбольные Заряды

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

17975 Sunday Monday Habib Beye new song for the new signing habib beye
18078 Oh When The Villa, Go Lap-Dancing A response to John Carew's antics before the Ajax game.
18084 The Hulk About John Carew (nicknamed the hulk) ...
18168 Can U Hear The City Sing good song
18291 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere? Sung to Liverpool at Anfield when they were 5-0 up and still didn't sing
18341 City Is Ours There's only one team in brum
18362 Ashley Young That boy Ashley
18431 You're Not Fit To Referee When a bad decision happens
18496 Steps Of The Holte End A little ditty to warn blues fans off the Holte End
18513 Shoes Off, If You Love Villa Sang in the Holte and at away games from time to time
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18543 We Are One We are one
18646 Engerland Sung to the Arsenal
18650 Empty Seats Takin the p*ss out of the noses empty stadium
18804 Hiding From The Villa Sang in the Villa v Blues derby in the 07/08 season
19034 Got Hit By A Bus Crude chant from Everton away 08/09 season
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