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Aston Villa Лучшие заряды(Страница 10) Футбольные кричалки

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

17570 Wembley, Wembley For reaching the League Cup Final
17646 I Wanna Go Homeeeeee I wanna go home
17687 Circus In The Town Blue nose clowns
17742 You Should Have Stayed On The Tele! Sang to Alan Shearer when he was a (failed) manager at Newcastle
17783 Laughing Villa Fans To the tune of the laughing policeman to celebrate John Mitchells last minute winner in 1975 FA cup semi final one of the best and funniest moments in football history.
17833 Ashley Young That boy Ashley
17843 I Wanna Go Home At blues away, amazing atmosphere.
17903 You're Not Fit To Referee When a bad decision happens
17916 Ashley Young Is boss. To the tune of coming round the mountain
17948 Tottenham's Going Down Song for Tottenham
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17970 Your Missus 5 Times Sung to a Liverpool fan at Anfield who was the only one trying to generate an atmosphere
18057 Pride of the Midlands, The Lions Of Brum No doubt
18092 Engerland Sung to the Arsenal
18157 Ashley Young's Magic Ashley Young's Magic Hat
18186 We Hate The, We Hate The City... A song sung for blues (Ed: Crackin lyrics)
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