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Chelsea Лучшие заряды(Страница 16) Футбольные Заряды

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

17395 Chelsea Aggro Not the most common chant. Personal favourite though.
17396 We Want Zola Back Come back great one
17426 Viva Ronaldo Have a go at Ronaldo
17441 You're Shish Chelsea Fans to the Turks (Galatasary Fans) at Stamford Bridge
17548 Ode To Anelka Our fox in the box (To the tune of "Come on and do the Conga)
17569 Stick Your Bubbles... not my video :)
17577 Get To Work When someone is not pulling their weight.
17608 Viva Malouda Le Bleu
17633 One Micheal Mancienne! A song for a future Chelsea legend!
17752 Who Let The Drogs Out Another song for our Dark Destroyer (To the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out by the Baha Men)
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17760 My Old Man classic chels!!
17773 Going To Rome We will be victorious
17785 Sacked In The Morning When oppostion manager is on a poor run
17803 Could Be Worse Very true indeed. What a shambles of a team they are
17813 Blame It On Riise To annoy the scousers
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