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Chelsea Лучшие заряды(Страница 16) Футбольные кричалки

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

17045 Riccy Carvalho Carvalho song
17054 I Was Born Under Da Chelsea Shed To Da Tune I Was Born Under A Wandering Star
17068 Frank Lebeouf One for a quality former player
17199 Chelsea Aggro Not the most common chant. Personal favourite though.
17246 Tevez Song Funny one for Scumchesters Argie...
17254 Get Yer Tits Out! When you see a hot woman, or a fat b*stard plays for the oppostion
17272 We're Stayin At Home Sung at Arsenal, Fuck UEFA
17284 Spurs Went To Rome What else would he say?
17288 Alex Ferguson Premier League trophy
17298 You Got Battered One for Tottenham after being done by the police in Seville
  Premier League Betting
17301 You're Supposed To Be In Jail Gerrard on trial for assault. Also Joey Barton song
17318 Pompey Song in response to "Play Up Pompey"
17464 You're Gonna Win Nowt To the ever youthful Arsenal teams. How many years can you be young and still learning for?
17478 You're Shish Chelsea Fans to the Turks (Galatasary Fans) at Stamford Bridge
17505 In The Town Of Wolverhampton A classic song
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