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You'll never sing alone!

5123 Peter Crouch Feet out of the Bed Funny footy chant about the big man Peter Crouch. Sorry recording isn't the greatest. Плейлист
5138 Stand Up for the 96 At Hillsbourgh momorial game singin it for like 10 mins
5255 Chelsea Rent Boy What can you say, West End dandies. Плейлист
5345 Don't Leave Your Wife with John Terry Chelsea scums, don't leave your wife with Terry
5366 Rafa La Bamba For the Spanish contingent Плейлист
5497 You'll Do as You're Told Sang in response to Manures "We'll Do What We Want" Плейлист
5639 Billy the King ...
5647 You'll Never Walk Alone - Remembrance Version Sung for the 96 Плейлист
5678 Man U Will Never Beat Our History Sing if we win it next year, which we will!!
5682 Brendan Rodgers Liverpool Brendan Rodgers' song sung at The Park pub before a game! Плейлист
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5819 Steve Gerrard For the skipper, sung at most games. He won the cup. (Ed: New version added) Плейлист
5851 Ugly Rooney Poor Rooney
5896 F*ck Em All F*ck all the rest
5946 Mario Fantastico Mario Magnifico Ole Ole Why him? Great new song from LFC fans for future legend (hopefully) Плейлист
5982 Mark, Mark, Mark Gonzales Heard this in Bordeaux. Sung to the tune of Delilah.
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