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Liverpool Лучшие заряды(Страница 5) Футбольные кричалки

You'll never sing alone!

1367 Bertie Mee Said To Bill Shankly Taking the Clock End. Old classic Liverpool song Плейлист
1451 Fat Granny Sex Sang at Rooney as he likes em wrinkly Плейлист
1522 Those Were The Days (To the tune of Those Were The Days, My Friends) Плейлист
1634 John Arne Riise Usually sung after a 30 yard wonder goal. Плейлист
1678 Going Down Sung to those who look at the bottom of the Premiership table. Плейлист
1925 Who The Hell Are You Liverpool fans sing to most, that's what I call history... Плейлист
2061 Peter Crouch Feet Out Of The Bed Funny footy chant about the big man Peter Crouch. Sorry recording isn't the greatest. Плейлист
2067 Who's The Scouser In The Wig (Wayne Rooney) Bald granny molestor Плейлист
2076 You'll Do As You're Told Sang in response to Manures "We'll Do What We Want" Плейлист
2077 The Men From Anfield's Spion Kop Vintage chant Плейлист
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2274 One Lying ... We know who Плейлист
2484 A Mignolet, A Mignolet! Tune from "Lion king - In the jungle the mighty jungle". Brilliant tune originally sung by Sunderland fans when Mignolet was playing there. Плейлист
2885 Gary Macca Gary McAllister Плейлист
3279 You're David N'Gog! David N'gog song (Ed: Sorry poor recording) Плейлист
3386 Mario Fantastico Mario Magnifico Ole Ole Why him? Great new song from LFC fans for future legend (hopefully) Плейлист
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