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Liverpool Лучшие заряды(Страница 5) Футбольные кричалки

You'll never sing alone!

1618 Same Old Arsenal, Always Cheating! Cheaters... sang today against them Плейлист
1642 Won Nowt Sung to those not as great as the mighty reds Плейлист
1684 Every Other Saturday A Liverpool great I'd say Плейлист
1721 Come On You Mighty Reds ED: New audio, not brilliant but all we have. If you have better send it in via Send Chants link Плейлист
1735 We Hate Nottingham Forest Just a selection of the most hated, put into words. (Ed: Now with audio) Плейлист
1743 Patrice Evra LFC Fans never forget Плейлист
1755 Luis Garcia Classic song for a classy number 10. Плейлист
1903 Liverpool Spelling Spell. It. Out Плейлист
1958 Who Are Ya? Come on! Плейлист
1971 One Robbie Fowler Liverpool legend, God! Плейлист
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1993 Brendan Rodgers Liverpool Brendan Rodgers' song sung at The Park pub before a game! Плейлист
2015 Shankly For our legendary manager Плейлист
2034 Where Were You In Istanbul? Was sung against the cockney rent boys Плейлист
2059 You Fat... For fat Frank. Плейлист
2069 Sami Hyypia Liverpool chant for legendary top stopper Плейлист
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