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1716 Gary Macca Gary McAllister Список воспроизведения
1935 You're David N'Gog! David N'gog song (Ed: Sorry poor recording) Список воспроизведения
3047 Bluenoses Aren't The Champions Anymore The bluenose b*stards aren't the champions anymore
3061 That Diver Ronaldo To the tune of "That Boy Ronaldo". Daley is referenced as the 14 year old British diving prodigy.
3083 Viva Alonso For the best passer of the ball in the league
3087 Hes Only A Pour Cockney ... For any team in Cockney land
3180 Coming Down The Anfield Road we all love our Liverpool fc
3186 What The Hell Was That What was that? Список воспроизведения
3359 Stick The Blue Flag What Chelsea can do with their Blue Flag
3441 Sortiris Kyrgiakos (We Can'T Pronounce His Name) The new big guy at the back. Just a shame about the name...
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3457 Hark Now Hear The derby day song
3595 The Scarf My Father Wore (To the tune of The Sash My Father Wore)
3814 Liverpool! Version of the simple but classic Liverpool football chant. Makes a good ringtone. Список воспроизведения
3939 A Scouser In Gay Paris Usually sung on planes and trains, not so much in the ground.
4075 After The Ball Is Over Vintage Liverpool fanchant
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