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Spurs Лучшие заряды(Страница 8) Футбольные кричалки

The boys from White Hart Lane on song - and no sign of Chas 'n' Dave!

15155 Gareth Bale Boom Boom Boom Outhere Brothers It is taken from the song by the outhere brothers
15168 You Used to Play Tottenham And Now You Play Crewe Sung to West Ham when they got relegated
15206 Jermain Defoe A few for the little fella.
15221 Chelsea Have No History A Song About Chelsea's Poor History
15222 Who Put The Ball In The Arsenal Net Who Dun It?
15254 You Lost The League At White Hart Lane When we beat the scum 2-1 to put them out of the title race
15421 You’ll Never Take The Park Lane Spurs version of the Scousers Walk On.
15479 We Hate Those Northern Geordies Funny one taking the mick out out those pie lovers
15523 Tottenhams No 9 Quality Spurs song for Tottenhams Russian No 9
15579 Martin Jols Having A Party Not sure what this means?
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15727 Viera Ooh! Off he goes.
15797 Super Pav For Spurs Russian front man
15852 My Old Man Said Be An Arse Fan He know nuthin\'.
15908 Norfolk And Sufolk "Farmers" Bunch of yokels
15913 Luka! To the tune of vieria woooah
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