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Spurs Лучшие заряды(Страница 8) Футбольные кричалки

The boys from White Hart Lane on song - and no sign of Chas 'n' Dave!

15334 Ledley At The Back Solid as a rock at the back.
15373 The Yiddos Went In Three By Three Hurrah Hurrah! The Yiddos went in three by three hurrah hurrah!
15471 Jingle Bells Yuletide chant
15479 Rafael VDV For new signing raffael van der vaart
15541 You Are Our Lennon This is what we think of our very own Aaaron Lennon!!
15728 My Chairman One for Levy (Olympic Stadium my a**e!)
15780 We've Still Got Ledley Sol's gone, but Ledley keeps on and on.
15891 Tottenhams No5 Another good spurs song this time for Tottenham's No 5
15997 Park Lane Boy's Ready for you.
16116 You Used to Play Tottenham And Now You Play Crewe Sung to West Ham when they got relegated
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16174 Chelsea Have No History A Song About Chelsea's Poor History
16218 Every Gunner Is A Runner And we're running after you.
16288 Whose Got A Big Fat Mum Sang at the Lane when we played Man City
16367 Nouveau Chelski FC New money...
16439 All Things Bright And Beautiful As God intended it.
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