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Spurs Топ песнопений (Page 8) Football Chants

The boys from White Hart Lane on song - and no sign of Chas 'n' Dave!

14365 We Are The Army We're the yid army, and we are mad......
14466 Alan Hutton The Song About Our Scottish Right Back Alan Hutton
14548 One Nil In Your Cup Final One nil in their most important match, top Spurs chant
14601 Calm Down Excitable Scousers
14629 Martin Jols Having A Party Not sure what this means?
14676 We Love You Mod Chant for Modric - Tune of 'We are the Mods' (Quadrophenia)
14695 We've Got Tommy Huddlestone Hardly noticed the f***** had gone.
14733 The Yiddos Went In Three By Three Hurrah Hurrah! The Yiddos went in three by three hurrah hurrah!
14932 Where's My Car Scousers robbed me car
15138 I Can't Smile Without You Life's just too desperate without the Spurs.
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15213 Viera Ooh! Off he goes.
15351 Jermain Defoe A few for the little fella.
15362 Bank Account Mayhem Sung before Dinamo Bucharest when Spurs made game highest category game even though Spurs had already qualified
15574 You’ll Never Take The Park Lane Spurs version of the Scousers Walk On.
15583 Fat Mugs Fat Geordie mugs
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