Claret and Light Blue football scarf

Vintage футбольные кричалки Aston Villa

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

4589 We've Had A Dream Top boss taking us to glory Плейлист
9304 Martin O'Neills's Claret And Blue Army Anothr top Villa chant you can download to mobile or computer Плейлист
9372 There's Only Juan Pablo Angel Fanchant for former striker Angel Плейлист
9910 Martin O'Neill's Barmy Army Homage to the manager Плейлист
12487 Trevor Francis Another one for coco the clown.
12783 Trevor Francis v 3 Join the Q.
13080 Who's That Copper? To the tune of Camptown Races, sang in the 60's when the Coppers circled the ground at full time.
13766 We Love To Sing, We Love To Fight..... A little classic I have heard going recently in the pub
14164 Laughing Villa Fans To the tune of the laughing policeman to celebrate John Mitchells last minute winner in 1975 FA cup semi final one of the best and funniest moments in football history.
15032 A Terrible Place the original st. andrews chant
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16173 Come To Birmingham An old one from the early 70's
18069 We Have A Friend In God (Paul Mcgrath) Old song Villa fans sung to their God
18228 Glory Glory Aston Villa classic holte end chant from 60s-70s when villa held record number of FA cup wins
19419 Pride Of The Midlands Cock Of The North Old song that im not sure is still sung...?
19792 Nigel Spink... Used to be sung in the 80's, now makes a much welcome appearance at away games
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