Sky blue and White football scarf

Vintage футбольные кричалки Manchester City

Raising the rafters at the City of Manchester stadium!

1311 31 Years Still here and bigger and better now. Плейлист
6461 Istanbul When we win the UEFA Cup we will play at Istanbul Плейлист
7493 We're On The March With Roberto's Army To Wembley Плейлист
15078 In 1963 When We Fell To Division 2 The good old days, a Man City song from the past Плейлист
15760 34 Years And We're Still Here We're still here
17983 Joe Mercer An oldy but the best
20815 Holiday In Istanbul Change the istanbul song haha
21501 Thaksin Leave Our Sven Alone Sung 07/08 season

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