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303 Albion Rovers Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Located in the North Lanarkshire town of Coatbridge.

8862 We'll Be Coming. When you hear the noise of Coatbridge Brigada boys.
9196 Ian Harty Song Who will score a goal for us to see?
10093 You're From Airdrie Let's all laugh
10930 Doe A Deer! Scottish anthem, sung at Cliftonhill.
12559 Come Up To Cliftonhill We'll sing on our own!
13794 If You're Albion! and the rest!
14209 Charlie Crossan Who could forget?
15034 We're The Famous Albion Rovers, And we come from Cliftonhill!
15462 We Are Drinking! Coatbridge Brigada!
15465 Brigada Anthem Sung to The Pogues - Sally MacLellane
  Premier League Betting
15867 I Am A Rovers Fan Class tune.
17103 We Are Albion Super Albion!
17504 Grand Old Team What the hell do we care?
17928 We Love You Rovers Simple, but effective.
18345 It's Albion Rovers Albion Rovers FC
  Premier League Betting


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