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11 Rangers Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Ready Aye Ready.

64 You're Just a Woman with a Beard! Georgios samaras-could he be more female?
130 Don't Worry About a Thing Dont worry... Плейлист
146 Ole! The boys passing it around, good Rangers ringtone Плейлист
476 No Tartan Army Brazil we won't Плейлист
513 Supporting Our Team Is Not a Crime That other lot on the other hand... Плейлист
534 Krissy Boyd, Goal Machine Not that many joining in on the audio but this fella deserves the chant going up Плейлист
610 We Can See You Going Down Sung to Falkirk Fans
689 One Paul Gascoigne And there is... Плейлист
845 You're Not Very Good Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs.... Плейлист
880 No Surrender Ian Black Ode to the Midfielder Плейлист
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890 Stand Up If You Hate Celtic Arise fellow Gers Плейлист
989 Super Rangers Are We You said it... Плейлист
1110 Chelsea Rangers Chelsea Rangers Плейлист
1151 Ally Give Us a Wave C'mon then Ally... Плейлист
1211 Craig Burley Have you met the wife? Плейлист
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