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98 Huddersfield Town Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

A true and proper fan's team- £1 donations back in 1919 meant we didn't have to merge with Leeds. Boom.

867 Huddersfield, Huddersfield Simple but best, great ringtone for the mobile. Плейлист
877 Ooh to Be a Terrier Huddersfield's finest. Плейлист
1086 Falling in Love - Huddersfield First love's last forever. Good one to send to yer missus on Valentines day. Плейлист
1320 Hudders Clap Rousing, Huddersfield chant sung when the lads need a lift. Плейлист
1534 We Love You Huddersfield A life long love affair. Плейлист
1726 Famous HTFC We're still famous. Top ringtone for the mobile. Плейлист
2595 And It's Huddersfield Town FC By far the greatest chant... Плейлист
3032 Crying on the Tele Sung to the Leeds fans seen on the box yelling their eye's out. Плейлист
3445 Town Goes Marching In March on, March on. Плейлист
3875 One Nil to the Referee Simple and effective tune to try and influence the ref. Плейлист
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4060 Huddersfield (slower) Same verse just a little bit slower. Плейлист
4087 Blue Army! Marching on with the Terriers. Плейлист
4503 Stand Up If You Love the Town Arise fellow Terriers. Плейлист
4515 We All Hate Leeds Scum Every last one of us, hates every last one of them. Плейлист
4516 Smile a While Audio misses out the first verse but it's still great! Плейлист
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