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90 Huddersfield Town Songs & Football Chants

A true and proper fan's team- £1 donations back in 1919 meant we didn't have to merge with Leeds. Boom.

2301 Smile A While Audio misses out the first verse but it's still great! Список воспроизведения
4795 Blue Army! Marching on with the Terriers. Список воспроизведения
5058 We Love You Huddersfield A life long love affair. Список воспроизведения
5073 Emley Moor Has Got A Mast Local Pride
5173 I Wanna Be HTFC To the tune of "Anarchy in the UK"
5325 Falling In Love With You First love's last forever. Good one to send to yer missus on Valentines day. Список воспроизведения
5575 Andy Booth Top Scorer
5583 I'm A... I'm a b*stard
5841 Hate Billy Bremner Put yer hands together. Список воспроизведения
6356 And It's Huddersfield Town FC By far the greatest chant... Список воспроизведения
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6706 There's Only 1 Gary Roberts! The fantastic winger Gary Roberts - number 17
6871 Nanana Hudders Another great and simple football chant Список воспроизведения
7216 Alex Smithies! Towns number 1
7383 Town Goes Marching In March on, March on. Список воспроизведения
7703 Vaughan Will Tear You Apart A fans favourite is sung as vaughany kicks the flag Список воспроизведения
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