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74 QPR Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Noisy on the range.

152 We Are the Rangers Boys QPR fans sing this on the terraces, home and away, proper anthem. Плейлист
301 To See the Queens Park Rangers take on an old favourite, top QPR football chant. Плейлист
578 Go Home Sung by QPR fans when it's getting embarrassing for the opposing fans. Плейлист
583 We Are QPR The famous Queens Park Rangers. Another good ringtone for the mobile. Плейлист
655 Top of the League QPR One sung a lot this season Плейлист
1063 We Love You Rangers Forever and ever as they say, another top Rangers ringtone. Плейлист
1170 De De De Der Good QPR tune for the mobile phone. Плейлист
1473 I Wanna Go Home Won't be playing them this season. QPR song sung 10-11 season Плейлист
1685 Your Support QPR - best support in the league, this ones used to shame the opposition. Плейлист
1747 Mackie Wonderland To the great Jamie Mackie :) Плейлист
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1748 Oh West London Home sweet home Плейлист
1788 Sit Down Shut Up Sung when the opposition are getting bit lary. Плейлист
2702 Singing the Blues Oh Rangers... Плейлист
2954 Your Ground's Too Big for You Empty seats everywhere... Плейлист
3423 Top of the League and We're 'Avin' a Laff Numero uno Плейлист
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